I'm not 100% sure what I just bought.  I was intrigued when I saw a couple of reviews of the Yamaha EZ-AG and EZ-EG guitars.  They are called "learning guitars" or they can be used a MIDI controllers.  They stopped making them a while back but I found one on eBay.  The EZ-AG is an "acoustic version" and the EG is.... yep... you guessed it... the "electric version".  Both of them have hard "strings" to pluck or strum but you form cords by pressing buttons on the neck where you normally would press on the string.  I'll be trying to use it for some music, of course!


I finally did it! I finally pounded on this song enough, in the studio, to get it completely re-written and updated to a modern song. I think it turned out great! It's got a nice dance kind of beat instead of the old version, called The Window, that was orchestral. I'm so, incredibly proud to release this one!


"On My Way"
I had forgotten how much I loved this song.  This had been on the shelf for many years and I'm really glad I pulled it out and blew the dust off!


"We Stand Alone"
The haunted song is out! The piano that started all of this was recorded in an old warehouse used by the Las Vegas Mob. Who knows what spirits dwell within those walls? We're not completely sure either, but we're almost certain we recorded them singing and telling us "We Stand Alone". This is how the song got it's name! You really need to listen to the song and watch the short Documentary about it on our YouTube channel.

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